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Realme Service Center Best Facilities forLoyal Customers

Realme service center is a form of excellent service to all customers to overcome different types of problems on their phones. Actually, there is no need to use a service like this, the wide variety of technicians out there are able to repair. But the result will be very different than expected.

Outside of that, cell phones are correct, but sometimes they use items that aren’t original. This affects performance. Or the same damage will occur again. In comparison, the price is much cheaper with a warranty not too long.

In fact, this kind of method is wrong. Presumably, you came to the Realme service center.   A simple example of understanding them is as follows, the product they created. If there is a malfunction of the components, they certainly know much better. Because all technicians are equipped with knowledge.

About different types of damage, ranging from easy to severe. In this way, the possibility of getting damaged is avoided. This is because the use of original spare parts are guaranteed to be more durable and durable. Both for performance and for the influence on other components is very pronounced.

There are not many facilities of Realme in Indonesia. The number is still very limited, there are about 45 in different cities. You can visit it as, not far from where you live. All mobile phone problems and complaints must be handled properly and have an official guarantee.

Adreslijst van Realme Service Center

Currently, this product from China is the best choice, especially young people. They love the wide variety of built-in features. Also with a variety of new breakthroughs. Indonesia is a very potential market for its various variants. No wonder Realme has established many Service Centers, here are the full addresses.

  1. Whilst

Medan residents who own this mobile phone can visit Medan Fair Plaza. The location is on the IV floor number A1. Or just call 061-80512231. Just come to this place, do not forget to bring a warranty card if it is still valid.

  1. Catastrophic

For Arek-Arek Malang, this mobile phone from China has two official offices, namely the Authorized Realme Mobile Service Center at Jalan Soekarno Hatta No. 2, Phone 0341-4378061. And there is at Jalan Kawi, 54 A, or just call 0341-5082211.

  1. West-Sulawesi

The location is next to the Mamuju Public Prosecutor’s Office. To be precise, it is on the road KS. Tubun Number 42 Letter B, Mamuju City is still located in an area of West Sulawesi Province. 911511 postal code. For the number that can be contacted 0426-2322922.

  1. Jakarta

For the Jakarta area itself, don’t ask again, there are quite a lot of Realme service centers available in the southeast, up to the center, for example, as in the ITC Roxy Complex area, Jl. Hasyim Ashari (021-6335564), Jl. Raya Dewi Santika Number 353 (021-22855204).

  1. Bandung

Realme service center for the Bandung area is quite many there are in Bandung Electroinic Center Istana Jl. Purnawarman 11, ( 022-20510111 UG Floor) and (022-86012785 3rd Floor A6). Furthermore, it is also  available in the Cimahi area, Jl. Raya Cimindi 105A Cimahi, 022-2065505.

Exciting experiences during service centers

Although, it’s still the same parent company as Oppo, but you can’t take it to Oppo’s repair center. Instead, go directly to Realme. This proves that, the brand is indeed very good. Also applies  to warranty claims for other needs, ranging from the purchase of new products to accessories.

Realme service center offers excellent service from the beginning of arrival to return. Almost all waiters are very friendly and unpretentious. There are complete facilities from the waiting room with soft sofas. Air conditioning, mineral water, TVs. Wifi is also available at high speed.

This is the advantage of the Chinese supplier. A high-end service from the beginning of arrival to the end of returning consumers is always made comfortable. With all those facilities, customers will not be bored, because the heat is waiting. The chair hurt and there were many more complaints.

After you get a call, the realme service center  staff will  smile kindly and invite you to sit down. The voice is soft and patient, they will listen for any damage from the mobile phone. Then, fill out a form to fill out. Then your mobile phone will be prompted and then check why the problem is occurring.

While waiting, give a borrowed mobile phone as access to play games, until you open social media. The check took place fairly quickly. The technician will convey the obstacles that arise. If it is indeed heavy, it must be left behind. If light can then be waited for, you are welcome to wait back.

Service bij Realme Service Center

One thing to know is that this mobile brand will provide all your complaint services. There just aren’t all of them. Suppose the phone is accidentally exposed to water or a certain liquid. It then experienced the disassembly of units other than Realme. So you’ve taken the phone to another repair center.

Unfortunately, the place is not official and automatically submits repairs until the warranty claim is lost. Therefore, at the first check, the Realme service center will ask  you  various questions, such as, having been hit by water or having fallen before. Then a whole study will be carried out.

Not only about the inspection, here you can also see a variety of interesting accessories such as earphones, charger heads and cables that are available. You can buy it and it’s guaranteed to last a long time.

Realme service center also provides a variety of information needed, ranging from superior products with specifications to benefits. Until the mobile phone comes, they will give a short hint. If you are interested in buying, you can learn it first so that it will not disappoint later and to your liking.

Warranty rules to know

Another no less important service is submitting a warranty claim. Every purchase of a new product must have a warranty note with a certain period of time. For some units that have suffered damage. You can just come right away. Don’t forget to bring a box, warranty card to proof of memorandum.

Not just offline purchases. For customers who do it online, they also get this facility. Provided that the three main conditions are not eliminated. Interestingly, products with a period of 7 days of purchase, when they experience a rather serious problem. New units will be replaced.

As long as the damage is not your own fault. Like falling from above, or maybe being torn and scratched because it hit something and much more. It is only that, at the time of such a replacement takes time. The process is quite long, a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 30 days after submission.

It is different if the damage occurs due to, spare parts. Not the unit but the components. Interestingly, after this phone can be used, you also get a guarantee of control. But the maximum given time is only 7 days, indeed the period is not long.

The competition for mobile phones in Indonesia is indeed very fierce. Not only about the mobile phone, but also the service provided is a way to attract the hearts of customers. If there are different types of damage, it is better to  take it directly to the Realme service center.

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