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A bank is certainly obliged to have a call center service as well as 7 BRI call centers that can be contacted.  This type of call center must also be contactable not only on certain days, but on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays when a bank does not even do work on that day.


Cal center is a place to provide information to customers when facing a problem and complaints that are felt. The different types of problems you experience will be helped quickly through the service. This is the right you get when entrusting a service or company.


After knowing the definition of a call center service, then the next of the 7 bri call centers that can be contacted can be grouped based on the cost of the tariff whether paid or not, the use of fax, and also remote or direct. This grouping will also make it easier for you to submit complaints.


This grouping is carried out by BRI not only to confuse customers but want to provide the best service for customers. This is because BRI understands that the more types of services, the easier it is for customers to choose the best facilities.


Call Center Service Charged a Credit Fee

One of the 7 BRI call centers that can be contacted is the type that is charged a credit fee. If viewed from the name of the group, it can be ascertained that this service is carried out by calling the BRI through a smartphone. Make sure your credit is enough in advance so that the submission of complaints can take place appropriately.


You can contact the BRI call center at 14017 or you can also at 021 1500017. The fee charged depends on the type of provider you are. If you use a landline or general public phone will also be charged when you are talking. You can find information related to costs that must be incurred on the Internet.


This type of call center is named ‘Call BRI’. The advantage is that you can call every day (including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). The employees who answer will also provide polite service, provide solutions to your problems appropriately and comfortably so it is highly recommended for you.


Furthermore, there are other types that include 7 BRI call centers that can be contacted. You can also call at 2510244, 2510254, 2510264, 2510269, and 2510279 numbers. The choice of numbers is quite a lot to ensure that bri always tries to provide the best for each customer.


The choice of numbers that are quite a lot will make customers can be directly served without having to queue with other customers. But you still have to prepare a credit that will be issued if you are making a complaint using a mobile phone.


Toll-Free Call Center Service

The next type of 7 BRI call centers that can be contacted is to be included in the toll-free group. In this group, you don’t need to bother in thinking about whether your credit is enough when you are telling your complaints on your mobile phone and can be disconnected at any time.


This type of service you can use by relying on internet quota or wifi. The first call center is to visit the BRI website. Usually every official website must be provided chat services with employees of the company. Then you will also see the same thing when visiting the official BRI web.


On the BRI website, you will see a chat service with someone named Sabrina. You can directly submit your complaint in the chat field. No need to worry about waiting long because your complaint chat will be answered in a short time.


Furthermore, if you feel your complaint is very long and want to be answered in detail also you can take advantage of the call center service through BRI Email. This option you can use by first ensuring the official email from BRI. This is because if you enter it wrong then your complaint will not be conveyed and resolved.


In this type of service, you will not be limited by time. Whenever and wherever you can use this type of service. Bri will also respond in a short time. But excluded for replies related to BRI credit then it will probably take a little longer.


The next service included in the 7 BRI call centers that can be contacted is through social media. Bri can also be reached from your social media. You can submit complaints through Instagram, Facebook and twitter. But usually Twitter is more recommended to be used.


This service through social media was also responded quickly by bri. Although of course, you don’t need pulses but the delivery of problems will not be detailed when you are on the phone. Furthermore, the response given although calculated quickly but also takes some time until it is replied, different if using the phone.


Call Center Services By Fax

Furthermore, category 7 BRI call centers that can be contacted and not included in the cost of credit or internet, namely by utilizing fax services. Although in this day and age faxes are rarely found, but BRI is still willing to be contacted through this service. Usually you use it when representing an agency.


This is because not all individuals have fax machines, in addition to their rare presence is also actually the way this one belongs to the ancient category. But if you represent a complaint by an agency, then this method can be justified and done. No credit fees and also no quota required.


You can contact the BRI fax service at 6221 2500065 or at 021 2500077. Considered old-fashioned because your complaint is submitted through paper delivery and will be printed by the BRI. This method is considered slower because the response given by the BRI takes quite a long time.


Call Center Services Directly

The last type of 7 BRI call centers that can be contacted is to go to the building directly. This type is certainly done when you as a customer want to tell in detail and want to be explained without interpreting yourself. Actually this way is the best of all types of services.


However, the downside is that you can’t do it all the time. In addition, you also have to take the time so that you can visit the building in person. Of course, this method cannot be done when you are busy and away from the BRI Building. So that the advantages and disadvantages are very balanced.


Every BRI call center service has actually been considered the advantages and disadvantages. You as a customer must be observant and understand what type of service you need with the problem you are experiencing. Not only that, the urgency of your problem will also determine the type of service you choose.


As a customer, of course you have to adjust your interests to the type of service. The response given will depend on your satisfaction with solving the problem. You don’t need to worry anymore because 7 BRI call centers that can be contacted at any time can solve your problems quickly and precisely.

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