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Reasons why West Java is an extraordinary place to   visit


Sakhou  , a region of many outstanding provinces   in the country,  covers about 18 districts and has 9 cities.  It has a provincial capital called Bandung, and its location near the sea has many interesting things to do, and it can visit some interesting places.


There is also the uniqueness  of wanting to visit Dara, which many people want to live  in, and you can also enjoy many interesting things in both culture, art, tourist attractions and specialized skills.


There are many interesting things that can be used as a reason to visit a province in Java, for example, because of the existence of an Inklong musical instrument registered as a cultural heritage of the world, which is not only unique but proud.


In November 2010, an increasingly   internationally renowned  UNESCO list of cultural heritage music actually included Anklong This musical instrument is made using bamboo where it is played, but it can produce beautiful music.


A crisis review of Sandan provincial territory


West Java has a relatively natural province, with  mountain  ranges along Java in the central part of the region, and the northern region enters low-lying areas  , and the south is only a coastal hill.


This fertile land has a fertile territory because the soil is stored by volcanic ash and is fed by many rivers Not surprisingly, much of the country is used as agricultural land,  and the weather itself is the same as in other parts of Indonesia, called tropical regions.


Some explanations even suggest that this west Java region has the highest number of inhabitants—not  only because of the temperature but also in some places with cool mountains, as well as the reason why many people want to visit the region.


This region in Bandung Province has many industrial complexes in a variety of ways, and the company also helps the Indonesian economy itself; so far it is the center of the largest textile industry, and the number of exports annually is considerable.


The area is also known as the National Rice School, where approximately 30 percent of his total agricultural land is used to grow rice. So it would not be  surprising if this area is also used as a place to improve the Indonesian economy,  and even mainstream resources are quite good.


Fascinating Unique Culture and Art


The cultures that dominate west  Java are  actually Sandeen and Siribon, whereas for Sandanese culture, its development is  the Passendan Territory, the Sandan Stage and the Prior Indeed , there   is progress  in the  northern city of San Kawa , a former San kawa who lived  in the northern city of San′wa , a distinctive feature of the culture you need to know .


The first language, widely known in this area  , is Sundanese, scripted, or basic. There are a number of local languages, such as birds and princesses, and they can also be distinguished from the social conditions of the public for the traditional clothes of the region.


If you are a prince , you will  wear a black drukibaya costume with a golden thread . Meanwhile, for the middle class, they wore clothes containing white branches complete with Bertik kibatyar angie, which they later used for themselves.


Meanwhile, the lower class uses sulentin clothes fitted with polar sarins that will be worn on the shoulders.Another culture you have to know is  It  is a traditional home, generally known as a traditional home in the west Java region itself, which is usually named after it, a relatively long box in itself.


From the floor of his house, the bamboo burningbecame a wall or a device, made of wood for the skeleton of the house itself, and supported it The reconciliation is known as the Tatapakan, where the  stone is known as the Tatapakan, which is made as a site, and rambia leaves are also used for the roof.


Visit the superb tourist destinations in this nature


The area of Bandungsuburb is certainly quite popular because of the beauty of underwater nature,  and west Java even has exciting places targeted by tourists, not only because it is a mountainous region, but people love the cool air.


The west Java itself has not only  given interesting natural goals but also places to visit;  it  is the most unusual from the normal beginning, so tourists must visit this area to enjoy all the differences.


The first is in pangandaran, a green canyon, and this tourist destination has many natural beauty with very beautiful rocks. You can enjoy the high-rise cliffs you hold, and you can also visit the  caves andhunt for interesting photographs, and there are plenty of other activities that can be taken.


The Cibodes bus also has a cherry blossom park, which is known to have developed over the course of four seasons, but in Indonesia In order to enjoy the beauty of this flower, it comes during January-February or July-August.


You will find a garden in Padelaran, West  Java, and  it is very appropriate to use it as a magnificent photographic location.  Natural stones descending from the modern  lake  are very unusual  in the  morning or  evening, and  don’t forget the white volcano located in   Bandung.


The skills to be tested


In addition to tourist attractions, talking about the area is incomplete if there are no specialists; in fact, it issomething that makes a region popular, in addition to foods not found elsewhere; each region has its own food and  is  worth tasting.


In West Java, some foods are truly classified as healthy and are nowhere to be found. It is made from vegetables  to peanut-flavored soup  as a  staple ingredient, which  is also commonly  used by memorabilia.


Food is made using a cassava similar to a taste, but in this piuum, it is also dried because the method for doing it is not the same Additionally, a piece of rice   arranged with banana leaves will then be burned with a skilled oncon.


This  West Java Villara has a lot of features in many of the things that make West Java, so a few people draw diners and tourists They may not want to visit to enjoy the services, so if you really want  to visit West Java, be sure to read more information first.

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