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TII History of  the Rebellion in West Java  and its Causes


One kind of uprising that gives many people memories of their time  is that  of TII at West Java. This is because the incident was enough to cause a lot of loss of life. In fact, this incident also happened in a very long time. That’s why a lot of people still remember it today.


Even after the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, the people fought even more hard. National heroes face many events that are far earlier than during the time of the Indonesian conflict. Even at  that time, the opposition that took place was done by the Indonesian people themselves.  The incident happened because the ideology was not in line with the government.


Many groups of individuals are dissatisfied with what the Indonesian government is implementing. So  the people  themselves  had made many rebels stand in their own  right, for example,  the  DITI movement. Where the center itself  is in the territorial part  of Indonesia, such as West Java.


There are still many places in Indonesia such as Kalimantan, Aceh, or Sulawesi.  But in the end, the efforts that were made  were  also successfully thwarted by the government. The attempt to thwart was successful as  the protests  by various parties  were  made quite loudly.  Pergerakan It is still widely known by the people.


TII Background in West Java


The Action of Darul Islam of the Indonesian Islamic Army is  itself a movement in the political arena  that has initiated development in the Tasikalaya region. This protest was actually  exposed by the  Islamic State ofI.Andonasia. Exactly on   August 7  ,  1949. This  happened a few years after the announcement.


The  uprising  , led by Cikarmadji’s personality Maridjan Cartosoirjo  in TII West Java  , was aimed  at  creating Indonesia to create an  Islamic state  where in the end  nei himself  was to be proclaimed. The incident itself happened because Cartosoverjo felt let down by the contents of the Renville Agreement.


It is believed that the content of the treaty itself abuses the dignity of the hero of freedom. The contents of the treaty itself were the Indonesian state that the Dutch forced to leave the West Java region . In fact, as much as thisprotest happened, Cartosoirejo was already a politician. So having a lot of political experience is no surprise.


Indonesia’s Sarekta Islam party is also very radical about the religion of Beliau Islam. His thinking was also of hijra politics, in which it should be used under his leadership.  TII West Java background  connects every branch  of Indonesia Agar can  fight  against a government that doesn’t agree.


This is not going on just because of a similarity of a religious ideology. The leaders and members of the movement werealso instigated by its leader from West Java.  This opposition was actually because Cartosoeverjo  was dissatisfied with  the independence of  the  Republic of Indonesia which was still overshadowed by the Dutch who wanted to continue to control Indonesia.


Purpose of creating a movement in TII


 The PMBrontacken  incident  at TII West Java was  led by Sekarmadji community leader  Mridjan  Cartosoirjo himself asit was  to achieve   the goal as per  his wish.  In fact, as an action, THE TII itself is trying  to create a country where  Aadhaar in Islam  is Sharia. In addition, the  country has been liberated  by Dutch colonization.


For more details, the purpose of this opposition  is to  create  in  itself  an Indonesian Islamic state that is recognized by  the  state  . In fact, they also want to be recognized by   international law. In addition, this opposition was also created because it wanted to make Indonesia  a  country  that has an  Islamic base.


The leader of this action is to make Islamic law so that it becomes the law of the Indonesian state, of course, guided by two things, namely hadith and quran. Not only this, they formed the Islamic State because they wanted to change the laws of the government to  make  them similar to  Islam  .


TII The  purpose  of the formation of the uprising  in West Java  was because the data rejected the ideology and laws of hadith and Quran. In addition to the presence of these two things, they argue that if theyfollow the other, they are considered infidels.   But this is very unfortunate, because the main purpose of this movement was made to fight the Dutch.


But it proved to be radical. As everyone knows, Indonesia has the highest diversity of beliefs.  Where it has the 6 largest religions and is also recognized by the state. Therefore, it  is not wise to make Islam  more special than other religions.


TII Founder of the Rebellion in West Java


The emergence of the DI action was initially because two  people were suspected  of  having an important role in the  formation  of the action.  Joseph Tauziri has a story about the first person.  He is said to have been the founder in the early stages of creating a peaceful Islamic movement.


But in the end he  also withdrew his support for CartosOi Wirejo to fight the Indonesian state. However, many people know that d.i.  The main character for  it is Cartosoirzo himself.  Born and raised  in  the  Java region, the personality spent almost all her time building a career in West Java.


In fact, he himself is not a native of West Java, but is originally a Central Javanese, who was born in Sepu.  The location of the area itself is between Bojonegoro and Ballora. Born on February 7, 1905, the figure was educated in elementary school and her first Menegah using Dutch.


In fact, according to his story, he did not have much knowledge about the religion of Islam and the Arabic language. There was also a course to be able to enter the Dutch East Indies Tabibab School which is located in Surabaya. It was in that area that he met H Omar Sayeed who  then became the chairman of PSII.


The DITII West Java movement  itself was initially a poor response given by  Cartos OiWeirjo and his group  about  the cancellation  of the Renville Agreement  . Thisagreement was signed with the agreement of Indonesia and the Netherlands.  This is what makes Darul Islam and the members of its army are the TIIs themselves.


Action on the Rebellion in West Java TII                                       


As not many people know, the event in TII West Java is  the largest event in the country  and is  remembered by almost everyone. Even in some places it supports the movement. The aim of which is to be able to create a state that is in accordance with the Islamic religion.


Even the government of the Republic of Indonesia at that time declared its independence and again fought against the Dutch. The government then faced opposition from its own people. Of course, with this, the government is striving for many things so that it can end the movement. The goal is that theintegration of Neg ARA can also be maintained.


In West Java, the operation attempt began peacefully.  Where Moh Natsir formed the committee. But the method that was done did not work out. After that, it was pursued again using another method , namely the use of military operations. Finally,  In 1962 , Cartosovirjo was arrested in the Mount Slack area.


The action also had to do with the community so that the movement of TII members is limited.  to die in relation to the punishment given. In fact  , the action in TII West Java is not a loss of life and becomes a major event after independence that you must be aware of.

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