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Instant reply from Indosat Ooredoo Call Center, solve all your complaints!

The direct solution of Indosat call center is  good news that will solve all your problems related to this provider. Of course, using an Indosat supplier never escapes all obstacles.   So this solution is very suitable for its users.

Like other providers with call center services, the special feature of Indosat services is  24-hour and free service from all networks. As you know, the most important thing a provider company needs to provide is call center services.

Because it is not uncommon for users to experience many obstacles whenusing ters e, but providers. Of course, with a call center, users will easily complain, complain and even ask for solutions to these problems. It can also be used as a vendor development tool.

That is, with complaints and grievances, the supplier can of course make improvements to the ters e problem, but automatically the provider can be better again and again. This is what  fuels Indosat to make the most of call center services  a lot.

The most common problems  experienced  by Indosat users are usually sudden network loss, failure to access the Internet, payment problems or data packets. You can tell about all these issues  directly through the phone connection or the official website to Indosat.

Indosat has more than one call center number, depending on the starter package you use. Here are the numbers and websites you can contact to  get answers directly from the Indosat call center.

Free call centre service

This free service provided by Indosat Ooredoo is a kind of provider when it comes to its users. You can access this free service for 24 hours from customer support willing to help you out.

  1. Bel 111

For those who use Matrix, you can call 111 for free. This service is for Matrix users only because other cards from Indosat usually have to spend a small fee.

  1. Bel 186

One of the numbers that you can use to get information about all Indosat Ooredo products is 186. When you dial this number, it will be answered automatically by the answering machine.

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No need to worry though. Because if you still do not understand the information transmitted by the answering machine, you can choose  to contact customer service.

  1. Bel +6221-5449501-06

The number is amile group from Indosat. You can send the various documents required by the number, so you do not need to come directly to the Indosat office.

  1. Contact E-post

In addition to the phone connection, the  free service  receives instant response from Indosat call center  connected to Indosat products, you cannot do this by e-mail You can use this email to complain  about various Indosat products on any map  .

Instead of faxing services, people now prefer to use email. Because it is easier and capable of sending more documents in one email. In addition, the document will automatically be overwritten on the device and not spied on.

Paid on-call centre service

While Indosat provides free  services  , few consumers prefer paid services because they  handle faster. The level of traffic that the ters call e is just a number that affects speed.

Free services have high traffic, so it will take a long time for your phone to get an answer to it from customer service and get service. Here is the number to get instant answer from  paid Indosat call center  :

  1. Bel 185

This number is provided by Indosat Ooredoo  for Mentari  Ooredoo  , Matrix Ooredoo and IM3 Ooredoo users. If you use this service, your credit as much as IDR 400 is automatically deducted as a service fee.

This number is intended for those of you who want to submit criticisms, suggestions or complaints. Dialing the number will serve customer service. They will also  provide immediate responses from the Indosat Call Center for  every complaint you address for 24 hours.

  1. Bel +6221-3000-3000 of +6221-4538-8888

When you dial this number, it is charged the same as making a call to a landline number. However, Indosat offers  waivers  to  its customers because the cost turns out to be cheaper compared to connecting to other landlines.

By dialing the number, it is no longer necessary to queue to be able to talk to customer service as when dialing the number provided at a low rate.

You can lodge all complaints onsite and it will receive a response immediately from the Indosat Call Centre  regarding your complaint. This will be very helpful if you have an emergency map problem and it should be completed that day.

Call Center via Indosat Social Media

It is undeniable that many of Indosat’s customers are young people, so Indosat must also adapt to their lifestyle. That’s why  Indosat has started expanding  its call center serviceson social media.  Specifically, it’stwitter.

You can file all complaints and grievances via direct message to Indosat on twitter @Indosat Care. The answer given by @Indosat Care admin is also very fast and of course they provide instant answers from the Indosat call center, no less than phone lines.

In addition to Twitter, IM3 users can also connect to Indosat via the myIM3 app. This application is very versatile as it can not only be used to file complaints but can also be used for credit purchase transaction processes and quotas.

Visit Indosat’s official website

For those of you who don’t have social media twitter or don’t like communicating over the phone, you can  visit  Indosat’s official website  at Indosat instead  . Because on this website there is an Indira feature which is virtual customer support. Indira will help you resolve all complaints.

This feature is a live chat between you and customer support through Indosat’s official website. You just need to open the Indira icon in the lower right corner of the site page. Then it turns out that a dialog board will fill in the name and phone number.

After that, you have to wait for the customer support to be present in the conversation. If someone has responded to your complaint request, please submit all complaints regarding Indosat products  as a chat.

The answer given is usually quite quick because the conversation is real-time and customer service  will provide immediate responses from the Indosat Call Center for your complaints and grievances.

In addition to filing complaints, by visiting Indosat’s official website, you will get   a lot  of information  about Indosat, such as  checking credit or accounts, checking the operating period of your card, knowing  update information from Indosat services, knowing the nearest stores, latest promotions and customer support.

With a call center that can be accessed by different media, Indosat  customers naturally get  an instant response from  the  Indosat Call Center  for all the problems they experience.