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Examine the functions of the West Jave BKD and its responsibilities


You are certainly familiar with the term BKD of the Province of West Java.   Especially if you participated in CPNS recruitment in their regions. BKD or the Regional Agency for Civil Servants is a very important government institution with different main tasks and functions.

BKD is particularly well known to people when recruiting CPNS. Because the main task of this BKD is to assist the Governor or Regent in the management of public servants. So, not only during the search or recruitment of public servants, but also for the regulation and supervision of government employees.

If you’re interested in becoming one of the government employees, then you need to know about BKD and what’s in it. This will give them a better understanding of the responsibilities of a government agency or agency.

Each city and county will have a BKD office that will handle all administrative affairs of government employees in the city. The scope of the work and duties of this institution is very broad with great responsibility. All these tasks and responsibilities are provided for in the act.

Within the institution of the BKD, there are different subdidi terms that will act in accordance with their responsibilities. Whether it provides facilities, monitors or prepares reports. For more detailed information, here is an explanation of the BKD and its main functions and duties.

Find bkd regional human resources institution

The BKD is a government agency or agency governing the performance of duties and training of civil servants in the area. BKD West Java, for example, will be responsible for managing, organising, monitoring and providing capacity for civil servants in the  West Java area.

The BKD of the district or city will be responsible only for the care of civil servants in the city concerned and not for other cities. Therefore, the power is limited only at regional level. There are also those with national  authority, that is, the  National Human Resources Agency.

This institution will act as an administrative part of the management of civil servants, the provision of work or duties, the provision of training and the period of service. When a government employee wants to provide for various files, such as mutations or the restoration of glasses/education, he will deal with this institution.

The head of the Regional BKD of West Jave is directly responsible to the regional leadership for performing his duties in accordance with the rules of the  law. In order to realize its vision and mission, this government agency will mneal an annual work programme to improve organisational performance for the better.

The BKD function will be described in a work program that is updated annually so that it can work efficiently and efficiently. In addition, BKD is regeneration to prepare reliable human resources in the future and can show the best results.

Find the vision and mission of BKD West Java

The main vision is “The regulation of good and successful apparatus”. In his elaborate is GOOD; Quality, responsibility, innovation and creativity. This vision should form a professional and reliable organisation so that it can help implement regional heads. The description of the vision is:

  1. Quality, namely quality at work in accordance with the provisions and expectations of all Indonesians.
  2. Responsible, this is responsible behaviour in any activity or work programme carried out.
  3. Innovative, capable of displaying or introducing new things in order to improve work efficiency.
  4. Creatively, it’s that it can lead to creativity in creating something or increasing the benefits of something that already exists.
  5. Successful, creating a sense of comfort and security for civil servants in both material, financial and spiritual terms.

BKD Western Java province not only has vision, but also carries out missions that are carried out from time to time. This mission will change with the needs of the government and must be carried out by every official in that institution. The following missions shall be carried out:

  1. The realisation of a modern human resources system in the light of technological developments.
  2. Help improve the livelihood and well-being of employees based on each individual’s performance.
  3. Improve the professionalism of the employee’s work with instructions and training.

Notify you of BKD West Java duties

As an institution directly accountable to regional leaders, the main task of the BKD is to manage regional civil  servants. It is therefore necessary to carry out all matters relating to the administration of employees in this establishment. The other tasks and tasks of this human resources institution shall be:

  1. Preparation of a regional regulatory plan for regional staff with the attention of laws and regulations so that they can legislate in accordance with national standards.
  2. Planning and establishment of a regional human resources system.
  3. Implementation of administrative implementation in terms of administration, dismissal and mutation of civil servants.
  4. Prepare drafts and decide on technical policies for the development of regional civil servants.
  5. Provision of administrative services for state civil apparatus, such as appointments, cancellations, transfers and changes in structural or functional positions, carried out in accordance with the regulations of staff legislation.
  6. Prepare and establish the pension policy of the state civil plant in accordance with applicable legislation, norms and standards of procedure.
  7. Determination of salaries and benefits for the welfare of state civil apparatus by reference to staff laws and regulations.
  8. Implementation of the management of state civil apparatus and management of the regional staff information system.

On the basis of its duties and duties, the BKD province of West Java has full policies and arrangements for all issues related to officials located or serving in the West  Java region. In addition, she is also responsible for appointments, promotions, as well as for the management of employees’ pensions.

BKD improves the professionalism of state civil apparatus

The preparation of work programmes is carefully arranged to help improve the operation of the state apparatus. The work programme is adapted to the working objective of the regional human resources agency to support the achievement of the institution’s vision and mission. In this case, it is adapted to the central level rules.

BKD West Java focuses on improving the professionalism of work in order to form a reliable and responsible state apparatus.   In this way, in the future it can come up with a reliable apparatus that can fulfil its duties and responsibilities. Here are some implemented work programs:

  1. Implementation of CPNS recruitment. This programme shall be implemented annually or at least once every 2 years to fill vacancies in posts due to retirement, death or the need for additional labour.
  2. The award process took the form of an increase from honorary to cpns for honorary clients with the best performance in exchange for an honorary service.
  3. Recruitment of IPDN Praja Receptions with tests followed by regional sons and daughters and from various other regions of Indonesia.
  4. Administrative services such as the production of pegawar cards, the management of TASPEN cards or the registration of dependent dependants.
  5. Organisation and conduct of examinations for civil servants eligible for promotion.
  6. Provision of training to improve the competence of civil servants.
  7. Implementation of technical training and guidelines for state apparatus, either training in regions or organising staff learning training in the Central BKD.

As an institution that helps to implement regional heads in the regulation of civil servants, BKD has a great responsibility. The BKD of the Province of West Java , as a human resources institution, must also carry out a vision and mission, not only to list its main tasks on the basis of its  tasks.

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