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Did the commuter arrive late? Please contact the JNE call center in the following manner!

If you are using a Frequent JNE Travel App, you will  need to contact the JNE Call Center when  you encounter problems related to cargo transmission  JNE itself is a company founded in 1990 that serves the public in service problems, especially in imports.

By taking in transport and logistics, the company is really famous in Indonesia and is also Use as one of the best options for buying and selling transactions online. Products and services from JNE Express, JNE Logistics to JNE Freight Transportation is also very different.

If you are shopping online while checking,  you are generally asked to choose a trip for the delivery of items. There are many e-commerce companies that use JNE travel services because they have experience and rare problems, you always use JNE, aren’t it?

So what if the cargo doesn’t arrive immediately, even if they passed the estimated delivery time?  In addition to connecting a JNE call center, you can track online to find out From where the purchase is located, but in this article, we will discuss  ways to connect with CSNJNE.

Check receipts using other sites

When you buy online, you can typically look at the listed receipt number and you can check the receipt number.though p Being in e-commerce, it was found that the process of sending goods had reached where and others.

But sometimes some challenges lead to not updating tracking on receipt numbers in e-commerce. From there you can check using the JNE Street website  However, if the official  website has not been updated or experienced technical issues, you can use another receipt review site.

Some log-review websites have instructed, such as accessing the main website then typing the bills In your package by clicking Enter, then follow the instructions below. The status of your package will appear, or you can check on the following other websites:

  1. com
  2. id
  3. com

If you’ve checked the variety of receipt review sites but you have yet to see an update of your package status You  can contact the JNE call center. There  are a number of ways you can make a complaint  or find information about packaging deliveries.

You can do this in some ways to link directly to JNE customer service, such as through a listed email address by contacting white media accounts JNE’s society and via a phone line service or a given phone number. In fact, you can visit the AskZoni page to come to headquarters.

Contacting JNE Call Center via Email

This procedure is always done because it is simple because you don’t have to spend a lot  of money. So you should email the address to the address Read the official JNE about complaints you want to file and the advice is to send it in the correct format.

Don’t leave a blank content section when sending the correct format email is the subject of a subject with complaints such as “problem package,” followed by a describation or a Describe clearly the problems you are facing in the body of email.We recommend using a list of things that are challenges to make CS easier to understand.

In the describing section, make sure to attach the recipient’s name, sender, and active mobile phone number. You can also attach a photo if it really needs to be evidence  You really have  a problem with the package sent. So you don’t have to  contact the JNE call center on  the hotline service  , you can do it for the very time via email.

After sending an email,  you’ll have to wait for a  response from CUS to the Mer service, where this period depends  on the folding. within a few minutes You can read your email immediately and admin can respond. It may have to wait a few hours or a few days.

Direct messages via JNE social media account

In addition to the above method, sending a complaint via a listed email address, you can also send messages via JNE social media. But first please Code that the message to JNU’s social media is actually its official social media account. in fact it has been reported that making complaints through a system account Social propaganda is faster than email.

Facebook @JNEpusat, Twitter @JNE_id and Instagram @jne_id JNE’s official social media account. Remember that the JNE call center is on a media account  Social websites  have three accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so the rest opens JNE’s official social media accounts, so you have to be carefree.

Additionally, there has been a huge advance on behalf of some companies or travel.So make sure social media accounts are an account JNE’s official to reduce the occurrence of unnecessary incidents.So how to send a complaint via a social media account?

You should text an official social media account and this format can be reconciled to send a complaint via email. you Attach the sender’s name, recipient number and mobile phone number, which is still active and provide a number of explanations for possible problems.

JNE call center access on The AskZoni website

The next option is via  the Askzoni page.   This one is a special page that provides JNE for customers or customers It is also very easy to know how to complain on the Askzoni page, such as:

  1. Step 1 is Askzoni page
  2. You can then fill in required data such as names, addresses and cell phone numbers
  3. You can choose customer service in the content column
  4. In the message column, you can fill in or speak the complaints you are experiencing
  5. Next, press Send Message

When you contact a call centre service via email or via a social media account, make sure you have also included a sender name receipt number and The recipient’s name so that the location of the JNE package can be tracked or verified. In relation to comment from the AskZoni website, you can get a response from the cell phone number that has been entered.

That’s why in the column, a cellphone number fills out active numbers or numbers that are used while sending packages to make it easier to connect to JNE m In fact, in addition to the above approach, you  can contact a JNE call center  via a hotline or direct  call service.

Jne’s landline number is 021 29278888 you can call the number and wait for the operation to respond to the call, then j Press additional buttons to attach to the solving section. You can then communicate both ways via the hotline service.

But unfortunately that’s why hotline services are rarely used because if you call directly to a listed number, a phone fee can be charged based on the provider Supplies used.T ID AK wonders if customers want to complain to the JNE call center via email or social  media account.

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