Use BNI Call Center Quick Access to Overcome Banking Problems: SudutKebun

To get information related to banking accounts, account owners can access bni call center. Based on a strong foundation that has been formed for decades, BNI strives to serve and maintain the satisfaction of its customers by providing the best service at all times.

The commitment to provide the best service for customers is always maintained so that it can continue to provide innovation and development in service facilities. The choice of various services, products, and assistance is intended to facilitate customer transactions, BNI strives to provide meet all customer needs.

When facing problems with savings accounts or other banking products, the solution taken is to go directly to the branch office. In addition to this method, you can also use online services or call the hotline.  BNI call center can be used to get quick help when pressed.

This assistance service is a solution to overcome various banking problems related to all customer transactions. The existence of one stop one solution is the fruit of decades of experience serving the banking needs of the archipelago. Information about banking products such as savings accounts, loans, phone banking, and consultations is available.

You can use a hotline, fax, or e-mail.  Please ask various questions or complain about problems,  experienced and friendly customer service will provide as much assistance as possible. Want to know more about this service, please refer to the following description:

BNI Call Center Is Intended for Customers

There are still many people who are still reluctant to use call center  services because they think the service will take time so they prefer to go and wait in line at the branch office. Some people think only priority customers can access this line of information and assistance, when this is not the case.

Every account owner has the same rights in using the service because it is intended for all customers. Both individuals and organizations can use it. Active customers who have accounts and debit cards can use this assistance service when they have questions or face problems.

Whether it’s a problem with savings accounts, debit or credit card disruptions, or facilities such as the internet and mobile banking. Even problems that often occur, such as forgetting passwords can be reported to the call center and will be helped to handle it immediately.  More BNI call center  services can be accessed by:

  1. The owner or account holder is accompanied by an ATM (debit) card.
  2. Customers are listed in the list of members of the phone banking service. The customer has registered a mobile phone number for banking transactions.
  3. Customer credit card holder.
  4. Holders of special accounts of institutions or business entities, such as Taplus Bisnis, Giro, and others
  5. The holder of power over the account of the institution or business entity.

So, do not hesitate to use the help center service, because all account holders have the same right to access it. If you really need help and have questions about savings accounts, debit or credit cards, i-banking, m-banking, or other facilities, please call the 24-hour hotline.

Assistance for Customers at BNI Call Center

As mentioned above, the existence of a center for providing assistance and information can help find solutions to your various banking problems. Being a liaison between customers and banks is the main   function of a 24-hour hotline. In addition to getting information related to your account, other services can also be accessed, such as:

  1. Reporting of debit or credit card loss as well as blocking.
  2. Change or reset the phone banking facility pin.
  3. Card blocking of both debit and credit
  4. Know various bni product information, such as accounts, current accounts, deposits, loans, and so on.
  5. Find out the facility info and credit card features.
  6. Balance information and the last five transactions.
  7. Transfer funds between fellow accounts at BNI and between banks.
  8. Bank transfers using RTGS services.
  9. Payment of various bills, such as credit card bills or installment payments.
  10. Request information about credit card transactions.

That’s some help that you  can get by accessing BNI call center.  24-hour quick access can provide assistance to customers at any time, even able to provide financial and business planning assistance. The service is provided free of charge with friendly and informative service.

This one-door help center service is indeed very helpful for customers because it is available every time. However, the use of this call center  service must be done wisely. Use it when you really need it, because to access the hotline often have to wait in line.

How to Contact BNI Call Center Service?

Account owners who get into banking problems or want to get information can use a landline or mobile phone to 1500046 number or (021) 30500046 to ask for help.  You can use this phone number from home or abroad. The issue of tariffs according to the operator used.

The phone line is not the only way to use the help service, you can fax to (021) 25541203 or send an email to  Use the subject email according to your problem and describe it well and clearly about the problem at hand.

Visit the page  to access assistance through various other hotlines provided by BNI. Take advantage of BNI call center  fast service when using hotline services.  No need to wait for the automatic message to finish, you can already make a choice right away. The following ways will save reporting time and speed up the solution obtained:

  1. Call the available hotline, after the operator’s voice is heard press 0 – 1 when you want to get information about savings accounts. 0 – 2 regular credit card information  . 0 – 3 loan services. 0 – 5 currency info and exchange rates. 0 – 6 info features and credit card
  2. Press 1 if you want to use English. Use buttons 1 – 1 access balance info. 1 – 2 -1 access info of the last 5 transactions this month.
  3. Press 2 – 1 for card blocking and reporting of debit or credit card loss.
  4. Press 3 – 1 to change the pin and 3 – 2 service reset pin. 3 – 1 – 1 when you want to pay a credit card bill.

The operator will ask to enter a debit card number before being able to access banking product information. While the reporting will be asked various questions, such as account number, birth mother’s name, and the last balance (not specific only the range remembered). After answering these questions, the request will be processed.

Benefits of BNI Call Center for Account Owners

Ease of obtaining information and assistance in handling problems is provided for the good of customers. Because Bank Negara Indonesia always tries to help account owners get information and become helpers in finding solutions to various transaction problems.

Easy and fast access will make it easier for customers to eliminate concerns about money storage, loan payments, ease of monitoring savings accounts, and provide a sense of security when making investments. Friendly and polite service can also parse customer concerns when facing problems.

In addition to various services related to banking products, you can also access assistance services around financial planning, deposit making, term investments, loan applications, mutual funds, exchange rates, and various other services by contacting bni’s one stop one solution call center.

As a state-owned financial institution that is mandated to help prosper the people, BNI always tries to keep customers always getting the best service. Direct service through  the help hotline can be accessed by all customers. Bni call center serves various information related to bank accounts and provides solutions in case of problems.

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