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Advantages of trading using Mega Bank credit cards and their types

Not a few are satisfied after trading using Bank Mega credit cards. As one of indonesia’s private banks, Bank Mega also offers credit card facilities that aim to provide convenience to customers in shopping.

Credit cards themselves seem to have become one of the lifestyles for most Indonesians, given that there are many benefits that can be felt. You no longer have to wait for a monthly payday when you are tempted to shop for your needs. This reason is what makes many people want to use credit cards for their daily payment transactions.

For those who want to trade using a Bank Mega credit card, of course, you need to understand the terms of making and how to use it. Simply put, having a credit card like this is like getting a loan that users can later pay their bills every month.

Each bank has different rules regarding the application for taking a credit card, including Bank Mega. Therefore, in this review we will provide information about the credit card services (CC) from Bank Mega. For those who want to try trading using a Bank Mega credit card, let’s first look at the full discussion here.

Benefits of trading using Bank Mega credit cards

This way of trading on credit offers many benefits for its users. One of them, Bank Mega often offers special promotions and discounts when shopping at partner merchants for customers who use credit cards. For those of you who like to shop at the Mall, you are guaranteed that the benefits of this one will be felt.

Not only that, Bank Mega also offers facilitiesunder the form of CC Mobile, which provides convenience for customers when they want to check transactions and invoices. Here are some of the benefits that will be obtained if you use a Bank Mega credit card:

  1. Mega Bill

Facilitate the payment of routine bills every month, such as monthly internet / WiFi bills, electricity, water,cable TV e, BPJS and lai n. Bills and lain. Monthly bill payments will be paid automatically through a credit card, so be sure that there will be no delays that will cause fines. With this benefit, it is also moretime-consuming and practical, even you will also receive points from Mega Rewards.

  1. Mega Reward Point

Trade using the Bank Mega credit card , then you also have the right to get mega reward points. You will get 1 point for each purchase in the amount of 25 thousand IDR with this credit card, valid for multiples. Well, the points that have been successfully collected can be used later to shop at Metro, Carrefour, Coffee Bean, Robins and others.

  1. Mega Top Up

Customers can also enjoy the benefits of the Mega Top Up facility, which is to supplement the prepaid credit by car debit. However, for those of you who want to enjoy this feature, you can first register through the call center 15 000 10 (PSTN) or 600 10 (HP). Fyi, you will still receive reward points if you trade using this feature.

Mega Bank Credit Card Options for a salary of three million

If you are interested in trading using a Bank Mega credit card, then first you know which product is the most suitable and in accordance with the monthly salary. As an illustration, here are some types of CC Bank Mega that are suitable for customers with a minimum wage of three million:

  1. Golden Card

The requirements to apply for a Mega Gold Card must be at least 21 years old and have a minimum income of three million per month. The Mega Gold Card is suitable for those of you who want to use a credit card for the first time with a limit of up to Rp. 2 million.

  1. Platinum card

There is also a cc type Mega Platinum Card that has a limit of up to 10 million RP, but the condition is that you must have a minimum income of 5 million per month. Recommended for those of you who like shopping and traveling.

  1. Travel card

As the name suggests, this credit card is suitable for those who like to travel by plane, since you can enjoy various free facilities up to more than 800 airport lounges in Indonesia and abroad.

  1. Transmart

Do you like to shop at Transmart or Carrefour? It is really mandatory to have this credit card, since you will get a 10% discount and enjoy various attractive promotions from the two supermarkets.

  1. Silver Card

In addition to mega gold card, you can also choose this type of credit card with offers that are no less attractive. Such as tourist and tourist packages, airline tickets, hotel promotions and much more.

Choosing the right type of credit card

Trading using a Bank Mega credit card is not just for styles, make sure you really use it for your needs. In addition to that, you must also choose the type of credit card that matches the possibility of paying installments later, since this payment system is like going into debt.

You get a loan up to a certain limit depending on the type of CC chosen. This means that every month you have the obligation to pay installments according to the provisions together with the mandatory annual contribution. Often, new users pay little attention to things like this and only as long as they use CC.

In addition, choose the type of credit card that suits your capacity and needs. For example, for those who want to use it for regular shopping every month, then you can choose a Gold Mega Card or Silver Mega Card with enough limits.

Tips for trading using Bank Mega credit cards with safe

Transactions using a credit card are not guaranteed one hundred percent to be safe, since security also depends on the user himself. For this reason, pay attention to the following important tips to be safe when trading using mega credit cards:

  1. Online shopping on credible sites

Don’t shop online at random, especially if you’re asked for personal data related to your credit cards. Not to mention if it turns out that the site does not have a high level of encryption / security, it could be that the credit card data has been stolen by individuals.

  1. Do not trade using public WiFi

For security reasons, avoid trading credit cards using public WiFi, much less free ones. Such actions are very risky and can make you abused by hackers.

  1. Does not store card numbers on mobile phones

In addition to that, you don’t need to store important information related to your credit card details on your phone. Imagine if your phone was lost? Then, do not rule out the possibility that it may be abused by others who want to give you a favor.

  1. Beware of fake emails

It’s not uncommon for CC users to receive an email asking them to provide credit card information. It is best to be more careful, to distinguish which emails are official and which are not. CC numbers are confidential, especially passwords in which both do not need to be informed to other parties, including Mega bank.

Isit arranged to use ormake a credit card? Indeed, recently, more and more people are interested in using credit cards because of the ease of payment. Whatever the reason, be sure to choose the appropriate type of credit card so that in the future you can trade using Mega Bank credit cards comfortably, safely and without hindrance.

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